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Chris Emmons from The Florida Keys is the author of “Ormus, Modern Day Alchemy”

Visit “Ormus Academy”. Learn about Ormus at the Academy. Open-Source, developed by Ormus Researchers and Chris Emmons, co-ordinator.

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Chris Emmons has a new Face Cream, Face-ics
Learn about ORMUS from Chris Emmons 15 second TV Commercial - Ormus, Modern Day Alchemy"ORMUS, Modern Day Alchemy" authored by Chris Emmons 60 second commercialIntro to Ormus by Chris Emmons video

Chris Emmons is a licensed pharmacist by day, although she practices Alchemy.
She wrote a book called ORMUS, Modern Day Alchemy which is basically a recepie book for the gathering of ORMUS materials. Chris’ book is being sold worldwide through different avenues including Amazon Books.

Product Details
• Paperback: 312 pages
• Publisher: Dreamgate Press; First Edition edition (August 11, 2009)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0981584012
• ISBN-13: 978-0981584010
• Product Dimensions: 7 x 10 x 0.6 inches
• Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
• Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars See all reviews (28 customer reviews)
• Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #78,621 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Editorial Reviews
About the Author
CHRISTINE M. EMMONS graduated from Pharmacy school in 1976 and owned a Pharmacy in Pontiac, Michigan until 1991 when she moved to South Florida. She observed alternative healing modalities in action as a close friend underwent a serious health crisis and this experience sparked an interest in the subject that led to knowledge of the Ormus material and its beneficial effects. Having a pharmacy background, she desired to know how to collect Ormus from fresh water seawater,organic matter, minerals and metals. Beginning in 2004 devoted herself to finding and learning from those who could teach and explain proper technique. These included Ormus Researchers and a well-known commercial Alchemist. A friend, having heard about the culmination of these efforts, verbalized how the Ormus community-both current and future-could benefit by having a manual of Ormus collection processes and that Chris embodied professional training and personal traits to complete such a work. Because Chris never forgot how it feels to yearn for the knowledge of Ormus collection processes she began work on such a manual. It is now available to the Ormus community and the world. In addition to this work, Chris is an active member of the Ormus community, sponsors “lab days” that teach Ormus collection processes and is a member of the International Alchemy Guild.

Reviews from Amazon.com: 4.8 average star rating

By SHINY NOSEon September 6, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Felt like I was in good hands knowing a former pharmacist …
By squirrely girlon September 4, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Very well written. A bit of an information overload at times. A bit more trustworthy than some other books written on the subject. Felt like I was in good hands knowing a former pharmacist wrote it. Great recipes, lots to take in! Great primer on Ormus, and I would highly recommend!!

Five Stars
By Park MyungJuon August 22, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
I got very useful information for Ormus from this book!

Chock Full of Information
By kwinsdon July 19, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Very thorough and I love all of the different recipes; it’s obvious the author put her heart and soul into creating this ‘bible’. I prefer a more direct format when reading recipes, a little distracting, and about 1000 too many quotation marks, but overall, a very good reference book.

By albert escovaron May 23, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Good book to read and explains the importance of minerals and their correct utilization on the daily basis.
Thank you!

incredibly informative, easy-to-read, crucial
By A. Meeron May 16, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
this is, quite possibly, the only book today that explains what ormus is, how to make it and how to use it. ormus is complex and magical substance that often drifts into woo-woo territory. clear explanations written by a pharmacist who uses her understanding of chemistry and physiology to explain the process and the possible effects of ormus on humans, plants and animals. if you are even slightly interested in ormus or etherium gold or david hudson, you need to own this book.

My Experience with Ormus, Modern Day Alchemy, by Chris Emmons
By Yolanda Valdezon April 9, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
My Experience with Ormus, Modern Day Alchemy: I am learning what I wanted to know about the ormus material. I think it is a good book for someone who is interested in the ormic world.

By Robert D. Richteron April 7, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
This book is very difficult to follow and seems to jump around in the subject matter. It would be better if it were more organized so things would make more sense.
Author says:
Hi Robert. If you are new to the ORMUS material I suggest you begin by reading the begining of the book, a bit about my Ormus journey, a bit about the characteristics of Ormus, and a bit about the Ormus history. From that point the book gets right into the processes, one after another because, this is a recipie book!!–for collection of the Ormus material. When a person, new to Ormus reads the book, I suggest they bypass the recipies and next begin reading the appendices at the back of the book–beginning with appendix I to the end. The appendices also include a list of supplies that will be needed and an overview of each process. There is a lot of good info in the appendices–read them before getting into the processes. Best wishes on your Ormus journey.
Dam says:
Hi Author, i assume you wrote the book. Would you be so kind as to tell what ormus has done for you? I know you will tell me the book have the answers but after 5years you must have discovered new things. And thats what im talking about. Mentally, physically (health), metaphysically. Thanks

the book is full of what you need.
By Larry A. Staleyon March 23, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
if you are into this it is a must read and you will need to study it very accurate and informative.

hands down the best book on Ormus / mono-atomic gold
By JamesVINE VOICEon March 17, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
This is a very well put together and detailed guide that goes relatively in-depth on several of the major methods for extracting ormus. It’s a bit repetitive in some places if you read it cover-to-cover, but the stuff that’s repeated is pretty important info. The book appears to be structured so that you can go to any chapter/section and get a fairly comprehensive (from a beginner’s perspective) look at everything you need to know for THAT particular extraction method without having to read the whole thing cover to cover. The appendexs in the back with recommendations on various vendors, lab ware, etc. is worth it’s weight in mono-atomic gold! Many MANY thanks to Emmons for taking the time to compile this information and get it published. This will put Ormus on the map for generations to come.

Perfect !!!
By L.D. Schaeferon January 15, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
If you want to start making your own Ormus right now, here is simple, straight-forward, reliable
information and directions to begin.

By GIG Inc.on January 15, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Great book. Shipped fast. I have learned much from reading this book. Very insightful and with a lot of knowledge.

Must have if you’re into Alchemy!
By EvoXtasy2010on November 14, 2013
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Excellent book! Have performed a few Mana/Ormus harvests already and will be doing more in the future. Chemistry needs to realize that it is the pre-cursor to Alchemy and not the other way around as it is believed.

A Labor of Love
By Authoron October 29, 2013
Format: Paperback
Considering the obscurity of this subject-matter this is the definitive guide to the alchemic folklore of ORMUS production and hats off to Chris for pulling so much information together about it. It’s a hard reference to top on the subject and I look forward to future editions that may include new information as it becomes available. Everything you need to know to make ORMUS is included and the only thing that would add even more value is some input from Alexander Robert Jenner and the people at […] who are on the cutting edge of m-state/exotic matter production. There are some very different schools of thought regarding exotic matter, but it is something every alchemist should understand. Anyone who has used ORMUS for plants, animals and their own health already know what an undeniably unique find ORMUS and this book are.

Ormus, not Alchemy.
By R.P.Lipmanon October 10, 2013
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
First, it has nothing to do with Alchemy. This is a set of instructions on producing Ormus, a general tonic which the author assumes is composed of monatomic elements.
Brian says:
It’s a book about many many ways to make Ormus and each method is a form of Alchemy. Not sure what you mean or even why what you say is relevant. The author presents many tried and true methods that other people have perfected. Did you even read the book or try making any? I have and the book is great.

Great book
By Jurica Jelicon September 23, 2013
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Wonderful work, with great guidelines and step by step information. All the processes are explained in simple terms and with an overview in such a way, so nothing can be missed. Also information within these pages removes enigma from some obscure and enigmatic alchemical processes from the past. As an extra bonus, book gives one an idea what to look for, and where to search beyond books content. One of the most powerful aspects of this book, is that it puts reader in role of a student …

Truth in subtitle
By Robby Tinkhamon August 24, 2013
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
This is an excellent step by step manual on the various methods of collecting ormus. It is a complex subject. I just need one more item in materials to start the process so I have yet to get any results. I am sure it will not be difficult with these instructions. It is hard to know what to expect from using it. There are so many variables in making each batch. A a unique product.

Alchemy for the common man
By julie fitzpatrickon July 8, 2013
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
So inspired by this ormus movement and the people involved.
Book gives detail how to’s and empowers the reader to make their own manna.
Well done!!!

love the book!
By customeron June 30, 2013
Format: Paperback
great book, this is a welcome addition to my library which mostly focuses on religion and the history of the hermetic arts which are said to be lost technology from Atlantis.alchemy and the green lion: the truth of the philosophers stone

Ormus 101
By mary akinson May 20, 2013
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Was all that I wanted. Concise and complete recipes with descriptions, tools, definitions. Perfect for a beginner, even explained a lot of the tools.

A Hands-On masterpiece, Hands Down!
By jerre allenon May 3, 2013
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Have only scratched the surface, and already I’m hooked and excited to be one step closer to making my own Ormus elixirs…

View Intro to Ormus by Chris Emmons on u-tube
By Authoron April 29, 2013
Format: Paperback
For an engaging Intro to Ormus video go to the u-tube titled: Intro to Ormus by Chris Emmons
Images of plant and human before and after Ormus are in the video.
Ormus: A group of beneficial natural mineral nutrients that Supports good health and an ability
to get in touch with yourself
For those with ears to hear: The science is real– The new Quantum sciences that have been discovered —-not the traditional sciences.

ORMUS for all Forever
By Mr.Williamon March 2, 2013
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
A Masterful work of Megalithic proportion. A well defined pathway clearly detailed and rich in substance. Outstanding. Many thanks to all involved!

Unique book
By Still Lifeon December 2, 2012
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
… and I still have to read the whole thing. Lots of ideas about collecting Ormus. Can’t really say much because I haven’t read the whole thing yet.

its awesome
By DirtyDeeon September 5, 2011
Format: Paperback
it covers every thing id like to know pictures symboles and more stuff get it, read it, then read it again

Cant find some of this info online
By Dustinon June 11, 2011
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
I started making ormus before purchasing this book and did so using only the instructions on the internet. When I started reading this book, I realized there were a few things I was doing wrong/not doing that affect the quality of the end result. This book also gives valuable sources for supplies and showed me where to find a source of pacific ocean water that produces a very respectable amount of ormus second only to dead sea salt in yield as far as the wet method goes. I also realized that cheap ph meters are not to be trusted when the product you are making is meant for human consumption, a quality ph meter may cost more, but you won’t have to go through a heavy metal detox for months because you trusted a cheap ph meter, $90 for a ph meter is cheap insurance. As you get experience making ormus you find sources that produce more yield than others and stop wasting money on ones that don’t produce.

By WAY2GOon November 6, 2009
Format: Paperback
It’s hard not to repeat what I read above, this book is all of what was said so well there. It is clear, concise, etc.; and the directions could not be more explicit or easy to follow.

But the main thing is that this book REALLY puts YOU into the process for a change. Many websites are making and selling ORMUS products online now, most are excellent. But you CANNOT get around the fact that ORMUS you make for yourself will be unsurpassed in terms of what it can do for you. Even so, those of us who are not chemists have been slow to experiment with the very simple processes required to enjoy that customized advantage.

Everyone in ‘the ORMUS community’ is studying this substance with diligence. Some are very knowledgeable Alchemists, Chemists, medical doctors, and even psychiatrists. The main group of us using it though are just ordinary people who realize how excitingly special ORMUS really is.

NOW it is so much easier to join in the exploration of what may turn out to be the greatest discovery of a beneficial natural substance in human history. That is not an exaggeration by the way.

Make no mistake — ORMUS is NOT new. It is ancient. However the knowledge of it has remained hidden for a long time. Now we can all help bring this knowledge back within common access. One only has to look at the state of the world to realize how desperately we need something that feeds the soul, stretches the mind, and supports and enhances all the physical processes. That is a tall order, and ORMUS rises to it well.

Take the time, buy the historic book: become well-informed about this important step forward.
Dam says:
5years later do you still think that ormus is good for you? What did it do for you? Did you get any benefits? Any side effects? Any anomalies on your blood results? Thanks
WAY2GO says:
So glad you asked! I just got off the phone to my daughter and I said I was sending her first ORMUS immediately.
YES I do think ORMUS is good for me. It has tremendously helped my husband who is recovering from 5 strokes. He is much stronger and more alert than he has been in 5 years when it happened. Walking almost at usual gait again. Personally, within 5 days of taking one particular vendor’s Ormus I have handled 2 lifelong hangups and completely moved on. I didn’t have to “decide to handle it” at all, I simply found myself doing 2 things I could never convince myself to do before due to irrational fears about it. I was actually quite shocked that I was simply up and doing it almost before I remembered I couldn’t before. Then I marvelled that it felt so uneventful to have mastered that fear, it all just felt like the perfectly natural thing to do.
Many of the positives are subtle but undeniable. It has been a gradual journey but steady. Ormus empowers. It doesn’t make anything happen, it adjusts one’s intention and enables one to follow up on whatever needs addressing. It’s pretty profound stuff. LOL It is extremely important to be sure of the integrity of your source however. There are now more and more charlatans out there making dubious product. Never buy anything not sanctioned by this website: www.subtleenergies.com or Google Barry Carter, Ormus He is the worldwide expert on this subject. He has a lot of scientific proofs and photos on that site. Most of the reputable vendors of Ormus are attached to his Forums in some way. There are many Forums here of various interest types.
Lastly, the best Ormus of all is the one you make yourself, for yourself. Most is only pennies to make… much more to buy from someone else. This book is the most definitive collection of Ormus information that has ever been compiled. This is packed with good solid truthful information. The need for the book arose right out of the Barry Carter Forums and it has been a transformative blessing to have this available for all to study and use. EVERYONE who ever takes Ormus should read this book first.

An En-ORMUS Resource
By tgeckson September 26, 2009
Format: Paperback
What a great resource for all things ORMUS. This is the first book to actually describe simple processes to make your own ORMUS, and the BEST is always the ORMUS you make for yourself! From simple kitchen chemicals up to advanced techniques, this book covers the range and invites you along the path of Alchemy and personal transmutation and transfiguration. Well written and concise, balanced and clear language, and a long list of sources and suggestions make this a great place to start an adventure that keeps on and on. Fasten your seat belt! Thanks, Chris, for writing this!
Anyman says:
tgecks: There is something about the process which confuses me – (I have tried submitting my question directly to the website, but for some reason it won’t accept it), so I am hoping that someone with more experience can enlighten me. When mixing the solution, one must ensure that the pH does not get too high (around 12) otherwise undesirable elements come out of solution. I get that. But, when I did my first wash, adding distilled water to the precipitate, the pH rose to 12.1 – what is to stop these undesirable elements from coming out of solution at this stage? If they are still able to come out of solution at this stage of the operation, why does nobody mention checking the pH of each wash cycle? Thanks in advance.
Author says:
Hi Anyman. Ok, so you performed the wet process on seawater.. Yes? And you stopped adding sodium hydroxide when the pH was 10.78 or lower…Yes? And then you removed the top water… Yes? Then you added distilled water to the precipitate to perform the first wash …Yes? And you took care of your pH meter (cleaned it, dried it) between finishing the process, allowing the precipitate to drop, removing the top water and adding the distilled water….Yes? And acknowledging Yes to all these you observe the pH is 12.1…Yes? IF all the above is Yes…. then imagine this: You have experienced an anomaly That Should Not Happen. But did. And because it did, Here is proof that–well let me cut and paste this from page 41 in the book: “… The “Wet Process” can be finished in one sitting but does not need to be completed in one sitting. You can take a week to do the precipitation part of the “Wet Process” by checking the pH daily to see if the pH has gone down from the target pH of 10.78. If it has, you know more Ormus (manna) has been collected. (Add more lye solution to arrive at the target pH, and additional Ormus precipitate may form.) Continued daily checking of the pH is not a necessity and when the pH target is met during the first sitting, the process may be considered finished. I can suggest you check the pH the next day to ensure it did not rise instead! This has happened to me. The pH rose to well above pH 10.78. I cannot explain how this occurred. While it may be the garage was hot from the summer heat, it is also known that Ormus collection processes are based on chemistry and “energetic phenomena” sometimes not explainable…” (page 41 Ormus Modern Day Alchemy) -Chris Emmons

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