Florida Keys Government

Florida Keys Governments

Find a complete list of Government Municipalities, State, Monroe County, City, and Villages throughout the Florida Keys and the utilities which assist them in operating.

The Florida Keys is what makes up the geographic region of Monroe County, one of the counties in the State of Florida. It is made up of various municipalities and unincorporated municipalities within the county. There are 4 cities in Monroe County – Key West, Marathon, Key Colony Beach, and Layton. Islamorada is a Village, and the rest of the Keys are governed under the jurisdiction of Monroe County.


Middle Keys
Key Colony Beach
City of Key Colony Beach

Patti Trefry, Mayor
Thomas Lee Harding, Vice Mayor

John DeNeale, Secretary/Treasurer
Beth Ramsay-Vickrey, Commissioner
Ron Sutton, Former Mayor
Kathryn McCullough, Former Secretary/Treasurer
 Gerard Roussin, Building Inspector
Kris DiGiovanni, City Police Chief
Ed Borysiewicz, former Building Inspector
Kimmeron Lisle, Former City Commissioner
April Tracy, Former City Commissioner
Geraldine Zahn, Former City Commissioner

Jarold Ellis, Former City Commissioner
Jeff Vorick, Former City Commissioner
Mary Schmidt, Former City Commissioner
Ryan Schraffenberger, Former City Commissioner
Jim Pettorini, former City Commissioner
Chris Moonis, Former City Administrator

City of Marathon, Florida

Luis Gonzalez, Mayor
Robyn Still, Vice Mayor
Lynn Landry, Councilmember
Kenny Matlock, Councilmember
Jeff Smith, Councilmember
Steve Cook, Former Mayor
Dan Zieg, Former City Councilmember
John Bartus, Former Councilmember
Mark Senmartin, Former City Councilmember
Chuck Lindsey, Former City Manager
George Garrett, City Manager
Paul Davis, Director of Parks and Recreation
Ali Adams, Recreation Specialist
Mike Puto, “Mr. Marathon”
Dick Ramsay, Former City Mayor
Ginger Snead, Former City Mayor
Bill Kelly, Former City Vice Mayor
Chris Bull, Former City Mayor
Pete Worthington, Former City Councilmember
Richard Keating, Former City Councilmember
Roger Hernstadt, Former City Manager
Jimmy Schmidt, Former Parks & Recreation Director
John Johnson, Fire Chief of Marathon and Grassy Key

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