publishers of a hundred on line directories which cover the businesses, the local municipalities, and the non government organizations who do business here in Monroe County, The Florida Keys.

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if any information on any of the directories needs editing, deleting, or updating
Be featured in one or more of the on line Florida Keys directories
Advertise yourself at The Marathon Cinema
Sponsor one of our two annual fundraising events:

  1. The Conch Records Music Video Fests
    This is an annual event co-organized with the assistance of  Florida Keys musicians, stage hands & production personnel, benefiting our local musicians, The Wild Bird Center, and The Hammock House.
  2. The Marathon Games, including The Marathon Pentathlon
    This is annual event co-organized with ten local participating non profits who benefit from the day of athletic competition and challenges.

We are a video production company with over 10,000 videos which can be found on TV88, and its hundred other adjoining on line website directories of The Florida Keys.

We are the webmaster and marketing consultant for the City of Key Colony Beach, and produce videos and provide advertising, branding, and marketing for other municipality departments, and local Florida Keys businesses.

We host local websites of Keys businesses on to our Florida Keys Television server at no charge to our advertisers and local Non Profits supporters, musicians, and artists.

PO Box 510908
Key Colony Beach, Florida 33051
(305) 587-9830

Learn more about us from those who know us

Click the image above for a list of locals who we’ve done business with.


Contact us if you would like to talk about:

* Word Press website development and hosting on the Florida Keys Television server.

* Video production (commercials, infomercials, documentaries, meetings, music videos, event recaps)

* Advertising on and all the other hundred Florida Keys on line directory websites that are connected by the same menu.

* Madison Avenue branding, marketing, & advertising – at local Florida Keys prices

* Price List for the next Conch Records Music Video Fest taking place during the January 3rd thru 5th weekend, OR
the next Marathon Pentathlon taking place on September 18, 2020.


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