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November 8, 2020 |

Conch Records Music Video Productions in The Florida Keys

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* * NEW * * State of the Art
Audio & Video Recording Studio

scheduled to open by the end of 1st quarter 2021
at The Marathon Plaza

where Florida Keys Musicians will have a venue for
Private Dinner Shows, Live Streaming & Recordings

NEW State of the Art ‘Audio & Video Recording Studio’ is under construction in Marathon. The studio should be finished and ready for Florida Keys Musicians to do recordings and put on dinner shows by end of 1st quarter 2021. Opening Day will include recording performances by Marathon music legend John Bartus doing a Pink Floyd Tribute, Ric Arra & the Florida Keys Eric Clapton Tribute Band, Wayne Sorbelli & The Florida Keys Led Zepplin Tribute Band, Ray West & The Florida Keys In a Godda da Vida Band, and our first headliner on opening night Michael Allman with The Florida Keys Allman Brothers Band.

Learn more about Marathon Florida’s new Recording & Live Streaming Studios by going to



12noon February 21st
Doors open for Private Ticket Holders

1pm to 1:45
Pink Floyd Tribute by John Bartus featuring songs from ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and ‘The Wall’

2:30pm to 3:15
Eric Clapton Tribute led by Ric Arra

4pm to 4:20
In a godda da vida

5pm to 5:45
Led Zepplin Tribute Album

6pm thru 6:45
Complimentary dinner for all Private Ticket holders
(dinner choices requested in advance)

Michael Allman and The Florida Keys Allman Brothers Tribute Band

Finale with all musicians who performed singing “Sweet Melissa” with Michael.


    November 6, 2020 |

    The Marathon Games

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    The 2021 Marathon Games Pentathlon
    postponed indefinitely

    Let the Games Resume!
    . . . and they WILL sometime in the future.
    When everyone feels safe again and
    ready to have a whole lot of fun again as Pentathletes

    The next Marathon Pentathlon will consist of five athletic challenges & competition.
    – Foot Race (one mile run on US1 and bike path )
    – Swim Race (quarter mile up and back)
    – SUP Race (one mile around buoys)
    – Kayak Race (one mile around buoys)
    – Frisbee Toss Challenge


    Will be competing with a team
    SPCA of The Florida Keys
    Habitat for Humanity of Middle Keys
    Hammock House
    American Legion Post 154
    The Marathon Wild Bird Center
    Florida Keys Children’s Shelter

    Will be part of the Production Crew
    Take Stock in Children
    Cub Scouts of Marathon Pack 901
    Girl Scouts of The Florida Keys

    Providing bananas, oranges, water, & ice
    Moose Lodge Marathon, Florida

    The 10 NonProfits will equally share in the proceeds from the Pentathlon, and our local hotels / resorts are helping to support it all by donating rooms to the winners of the different events.

    The Host for the next Marathon Pentathlon will be Captain Pips Marina & Hideaway

    Each of the FIVE events which make up the Pentathlon will have one male and one female winner. (total of 10 winners)

    The overall top scoring male and female Pentathlete in all five events will each win a 60inch spear gun, courtesy of Formula Freediving in Marathon, Florida.

    The PRIZES will be:
    Two-day three-night stay for the top male and female winners in each of the five events
    at one of our Middle Keys resorts

    Grand Prizes a 60inch underwater spear gun
    given to the top male and top female Pentathlete
    offered by our lead sponsor Formula Freediving.

    So let’s continue to self quarantine and social distance – and when we are all ready to socialize and have some good clean athletic fun again – – – – We Will Resume the Games!

    Until then . . . .

    Stay Safe


    November 6, 2020 |

    Stream your event or meeting live using multiple cameras

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    The definition of streaming live
    Streaming live is sending a video signal over the internet, so that it can be viewed in real time on a platform like You Tube or Facebook.

    Anyone with a You Tube or Facebook account and a mobile device which records video can easily stream an event, meeting, or music video live with that device as it is being recorded.

    The process is as simple as logging in to a You Tube or Facebook account, and then clicking the Create and Go Live buttons!


    If more than one camera is desired

    If it is desirous to use two cameras in the live stream, a switcher will be needed.

    With a switcher, one person can operate which one of the cameras is live and at what point.

    Any camera with an HDMI port will work, although remote PTZ cameras will enable them to be operated at a workstation.

    The remote cameras are called PTZ cameras (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom), and they come in all types and costs.

    Sony makes a very good PTZ camera with 30x for under $2,000 each, and the controller that goes with it is about $1,650. That means that more than one camera can be operated in a workstation by one person.

    The last remaining piece needed is a switcher, which can be gotten for around $1,000.  The switcher lets the operator broadcast which camera is being shown live – and it can easily be operated by the person operating the camera controller.

    Interested in setting up a multi camera live streaming production?
    Hire someone to engineer it for you, listing all the equipment and materials you will need.

    TV88 has been broadcasting live and prerecorded content in The Florida Keys since 2012.   or   (305) 587-9830

    November 1, 2020 |
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