Marketing Statistics in The Florida Keys


TV88 and its local business directory of combined get over 100,000 views per month.
Visitors to our websites include people who are looking for videos or event recaps we produced, and those looking up a business in our business directory.

From there, our average visitor visits  3 to 4  other business listings.

The numbers might not seem high to those who market products around the world, but for us in the Florida Keys with a total population of less than 80,000
. . . That is a lot of views. is a Directory of local business throughout The Keys, and most locals and visitors come to watch videos there to learn more about our local businesses and events put on by them.

We manage 5 different Facebook pages which total over 50,000 LIKEs – and the videos we post on Facebook alone have been totaling well over 100,000 views per month


All TV88 videos are broadcast quality, and many of programs, like our “Explore the Keys with Chris Emmons” has been, and continues to be shown on various affiliated television markets throughout the US and abroad.

Many of the TV88 news clips are seen on various national and international news stories, and programs produced by us have been seen on cable channels like PBS.

Anyone looking to SELL a product or service to those who live in, do business in, or vacation in The Florida Keys, has come to the right place.

Call (305) 587-9830 or email for more information

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