Advertising with Florida Keys Television TV88 WORKS!!

Florida Keys Television is in the business of helping local businesses and non-government organizations promote themselves locally in The Florida Keys.

We assist those who sell products or services in The Florida Keys.

We help them get business through video production, and promotion of those videos to their market.

Our video productions are all broadcast quality, and the distribution of those videos is done through:

  • Our Keys wide Business Directory of,
  • The Marathon Florida Show, which plays at The Marathon Community Cinema & on television sets equipped with a TV88 DeVice™
  • Our Social Media Fan base and Followers,
  • Our email subscriber list which is released once a week to 15,000, which includes over 50% of all Keys local businesses and organizations.
  • Our ‘cloud’ based platform where thousands of videos are saved and shared on hundreds of channels.

We also own local dedicated servers which enable us to host your Florida Keys websites locally.

Our pricing is simple.  For a low monthly amount, we will produce one new video each month and target those videos, promoting them to your specific market in The Keys.

Interested in having us help you sell your product or service in The Florida Keys???

Call (305) 587-9830  or  email advertising @ Marathon Florida . com




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