Sell your product or service in The Florida Keys is a business directory of The Florida Keys, which includes another 100 informational directories found by going to

If you have a product or service for sale in The Florida Keys, and you have an advertising budget – talk with us about getting Madison Avenue marketing at local Florida Keys pricing.


The amount of viewers and followers of those who live in or who vacation in The Florida Keys is extensive, and we have proven numbers of viewership and followers by the amount of video and channel views, unique daily visits to the Listings found on, and the amount of LIKEs and followers on social media.


Business listing

on the Business Directory of

There is no charge for a Business Listing



We do much more when it comes to helping local businesses sell their products and services.
We design a marketing plan, implement it in to an advertising program, and turn that all in to sales!!!

Here’s what we do


Website design and training on administering the new site, similar to
from $200 and up


Promotions of events similar to the video promotion for the Florida Keys SPCA Putts for Paws event, coverage and recap of the events similar to what we produce for the annual 7 Mile Bridge Race , the Marathon Seafood Festival ,  and the Island Fest

a set charge or on a percentage



We produce music videos for musicians, similar to Rocketman’s  It Beats 40 Below  and Gary Bush’s I Want to be a Fireman


Similar to The Faro Blanco Story


One camera one location – finished video from a 15 second commercial to a 3 to 5 minute interview, welcome, or documentary.

Depending upon the assignment, we provide the writing of script, music, jingles, voice over, talent, and all camera operation and editing similar to this Local business video

Assignments requiring more than one camera and/or require multiple locations and shoots need to be quoted individually.
Anyone interested in getting themselves branded and promoted, or rebranded and repromoted in The Florida Keys is encouraged to call (305)587-9830.

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