Exposure on Television


Florida Keys Television is a line-up of channels of businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout The Florida Keys.

The channel lineup can be found by going to any of the thousands of listing pages found on this website MarathonFlorida.com.

TV88 is NOT owned, controlled, or managed by anyone outside of The Florida Keys!

Our videographers, Editors, Talent and Hosts are all locals to the Florida Keys.

Many of our video productions are aired and syndicated in other television markets throughout the world, so any advertiser who places their ad on our Channel will have it seen throughout the world in addition to throughout The Florida Keys.

You too can have a Channel on
Florida Keys Television

If you market products or services in The Florida Keys

Just give us a call at TV88 for more information – Click Here. or pick up the phone and call (305) 587-9830


Overall picture of what
Television Exposure does for your company:

Complete branding – making your marketing efforts easier, and
A marketing program – making your sales efforts easier.

– Let us instantly brand you as a premier company in your field
to the
80,000 locals in the Florida Keys,
4,000,000 vacationers to The Florida Keys each year, and
10’s of millions of those who would love to visit The Florida Keys!!



If you are looking to SELL your product or service to those who
live in, do business in, or vacation in The Florida Keys,
you’ve come to the right place.

Call (305) 587-9830 or email for No Obligation Low Cost customized quote to suit your needs.

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