Create your own videos with the help of Florida Keys Television TV88

TV 88 Florida Keys Television  Creating videos is not that hard to do, especially with all the easy software programs there are out in the market place.

We at Florida Keys Television are a team of highly creative video producers who spent the last year developing a platform as a place where we can now store and playback the thousands of videos produced by us so far, and the thousand more we look forward to producing in the next few years.

With the platform we’ve developed, anyone in The Florida Keys can now post videos as is done with You Tube and Vimeo, but without advertising on the videos.  Anyone with videos in The Keys is now able to post videos about themselves and their businesses without having unwanted ads running on them.

There are three restrictions to posting videos:
1) You must first create a channel on Florida Keys Television,
2) Content in the posted videos must be appropriate for all ages of the family, and
3) Videos shall not advertise products or services or businesses other than your own company.

Posting videos on to your channel on Florida Keys Television has been made very simple.  All you will have to do is log in to your channel and upload any video you take from your mobile device, laptop or desktop by clicking the upload button.

For those of you who do not need any editing – you only need the file and the upload button.  However, those of you who want to edit in music or cut and paste – you have three options:
1) Do the editing yourself using a wide variety of editing software including the software that comes built in to most new computers,
2) Hire someone to do your editing using one of the various people around who like editing and are good at it, or
3) Hire Florida Keys Television to do your editing.

Anyone interested in knowing more about how Florida Keys Television can edit your projects is encouraged to contact the Florida Keys Television ‘Video Production Dept’ in a message below.

Let us get you going in the right path.

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