Broadcast your event LIVE with multiple cameras to multiple locations at the same time

TV 88 Florida Keys Television     Broadcasting live is not as complicated as one might think.  There is a cost involved in purchasing equipment that will be needed, but we can easily walk the process through with anyone wishing to broadcast live events  –  with people in all levels or no level of experience!

TV 88 engineered and manufactured a product line of remote controlled cameras which is operated from a TV 88 control station.

Broadcast your events, festivals, parties, weddings, meetings, etc. live using multiple cameras.

The TV 88 control board will allow you to transmit your event in real time to multiple You Tube Channels, multiple Facebook pages, and on to the platforms of many other delivery networks – simultaneously (all at the same time).

Anyone who purchases our cameras and control station gets free installation and training – and a 100% guarantee against all equipment defects – Parts & Labor.

Options are to:
– purchase the equipment, or
– rent the equipment using a TV 88 operator, or
– lease the equipment with a purchase option.

Contact TV88 for your free no obligation demonstration

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