Advertise your product or service with VIDEO on Florida Keys Television TV88

Advertise yourself utilizing a Digital Marketing Program designed especially for YOU.
Florida Keys Television TV88 guides businesses, non-government organizations, and municipalities through the process of putting together a solid Digital Marketing Program utilizing video production.

TV88 is a Platform – a ‘cloud’ – which stores video files from The Florida Keys.

Each of the video files are put in to channels, and all those videos and channels are then available to be viewed on any other website or television set that has embedded the code provided by us.

Anyone who lives in or does business in The Florida Keys has the ability to upload videos on to their channel, which then gets posted on The Keys Video Directory.

Florida Keys Television is a video storage facility similar to You Tube and Vimeo. . . . which provides embed codes that can be used by anyone to post videos.

Florida Keys Television is also a Platform similar to Roku, Apple TV, Google TV which broadcasts channels.

The only difference with Florida Keys Television and the companies listed above is that we are local only to The Florida Keys.   We care about our local businesses.    We assist our local businesses build their channels – and in some cases we build them websites where they house their new channels.  And every channel is posted on the business directory of Florida Keys Television.

Channels are being designed Free Of Charge to all local municipalities, non-government organizations, businesses, and individuals for the purpose of promoting themselves.



Look no further – – –  and read some more – – –

Check our Statistics! and our References!

We have a very nice and affordable advertising packages currently being offered which will get you in front of:
1. TV88 and all the other channels of Florida Keys Television,
2. Our weekly social media promotions, and
3. Our weekly email updates to those who follow Florida Keys Television.


In the meanwhile, as we continue building business listings and Channels for all in The Florida Keys, check your listing page and make sure that your company is presented in the best light.

Florida Keys Television


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