“The Marathon Pentathlon, 2017” offers great exposure for local businesses

DVD "The Marathon Games, Round One" complete 2-1/2 hour version

October 7th, 2017

Event Day for the 2nd Annual
coming soon

Give your business, the products you sell and services you offer great exposure by being part of The Marathon Pentathlon”

There are advertising, sponsorship, and product recognition opportunities for your business to get positive exposure being part of The Marathon Pentathlon.

The Marathon Pentathlon is a great vehicle for anyone who sells a product or service in The Florida Keys to get
Product Recognition  AND  Product Endorsement 

Pick up the phone and call 305-587-9830 or email MarathonGames@MarathonFlorida.com

“Let the Games Begin”

Hosted by The Florida Keys Country Club

Produced by Florida Keys Television TV88

RETURN Home to The Marathon Games

(305) 363-8100

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