How your Non-Profit can apply with The Marathon Games

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The next Round of Games
Hosted by The Florida Keys Country Club
May 13, 2017

“How your Non-Profit can apply to receive part of the proceeds from Registration Fees”

Non-Profits throughout The Keys have been very supportive of Florida Keys Television TV88 AND of the new Florida Keys Country Club, since opening it up to the Public!

So as our way of showing our sincere appreciation, the proceeds of Registration Fees will be equally distributed to six selected non-profit organizations.

A panel has been chosen by the producers of the Pentathlon to pick TEN non-profit organizations who will equally share in the proceeds from the Registration Fees of racers.

All Monroe County non-profit organizations wishing to be considered must fill out and email in the form found below on this page prior to March 10, 2017, at which time the panel will select the six non-profit organizations which it feels provides the highest positive impact to the residents in our community.

Filling out the one page form is simple, and that is all that is needed to apply.

This will be a day filled with a bunch of fun and free entertainment for all – and we want our non-profit friends to enjoy it all with us.

Non-profit organizations who are not selected still have an opportunity to be involved in the day by setting up booths at booth spaces provided by the Hosts of the day, The Florida Keys Country Club.

So go ahead and fill out this form.

Application Form for Non-Profits

“Let the Games Begin”

Hosted by The Florida Keys Country Club

Produced by Florida Keys Television TV88

The Marathon Games

(305) 363-8100

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