The Marathon Florida Show

The Marathon Florida Show

playing at The Marathon Community Cinema and on television sets equipped with a TV88 DeVice™


– Introduction –
“The Marathon Florida Show” is a daily show formatted to play recaps of recent events, previews of upcoming events, local news, weather, local sports, real estate trends & new listings, local restaurants, attractions, musicians, hotels & resorts, vacation rentals, diving & fishing reports, what’s happening at The Florida Keys Country Club, what’s happening at The Marathon Community Theater & Cinema, and other topics of interest – throughout Marathon & the surrounding Florida Keys.


Advertising on The Marathon Florida Show –
The Marathon Florida Show is made possible mainly because of the financial support of  those who sell products or services to those who live in, do business in, or vacation in Marathon & the surrounding Florida Keys


$500 for one month of advertising on The Show, which includes:

1) 30-second spot of yours will play each hour (or two 15-second spots per hour)

2) 5-seconds of your spot in a segment called “Thank you to our Advertisers” which plays three
times each hour.

3) Social Media
Your commercial will also be uploaded to You Tube, and posted, featured, and boosted on Facebook, Instagram, and on

4) Weekly Email Blast
A link to view your commercial will be included in our weekly email blast sent out once a week to a
subscriber list of 15,000, which includes over 70% of the businesses and non-government
organizations located in the Keys.

Your commercial will be included in four weekly emails for each month of advertising on The Marathon Florida Show.


– Video Production –

$200 for us to produce a video commercial formatted for television sets and Cinema screens as the examples in 1), 2), or 3).
1) 30-second spot
Florida Keys Steak & Lobster House example:
Midas Touch Jewelry example:

2) 60 second spot
Faro Blanco Resort example:
Paver Dave example:

3) 3 to 5-minute overall story of your business or of what you sell
History of the Diving Museum example:
St. Columba example:

Documentaries, stories, or infomercials, or special assignments
must be quoted on
Castaway Restaurant example:
The Art Studio example:

Music videos
Gary Busch example:
The Doerfels example:

Included in video production at no additional cost
production with one or two cameras, lighting, audio, storyline, aerial footage

Additional charges
talent (actors), jingles, full song written for the commercial, multiple locations

– All videos that are produced are placed in the appropriate Listing(s) on

– The $200 production cost to produce a 30 second commercial is waived each month the $500 advertising amount is paid.


Let’s discuss promoting your business and the products and services you have to offer through the Distribution of locally produced videos playing on local television sets and at The Marathon Community Cinema.

see you on television and in the movies!

production @
(305) 587-9830

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