Lower Florida Keys Fishing

Videos of Fishing Chartersbait shops, and other fishing related businesses and activities in The Lower Keys of The Florida Keys.


From Big Pine to Sugarloaf Key back bay fishing has been a well kept secret. Fishing guides with flats boats know the features of grass flats, currents, and tide flow that will leave you with fishing stories to tell, and a yearning to return, again and again.

Key West has a charter fishing fleet second to none! Choose your target fish and you will find a number of local professionals who have made putting you on that fish their life’s work!

Ernest Hemingway, writer and world renowned sportsman, lived in Key West in the 1930’s so that he could immerse himself in the best game fishing Florida has to offer!

Whether you are interested in Off shore Gulf Stream trolling, reef & wreck fishing, flats & back bay cast or fly fishing, The Lower Keys to Key West has it all!

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