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We’ve all seen the one hour made for TV movie, and now you can get the unedited 3 hour version, including all commercials, out takes, and bloopers

Product Name: DVD “The Marathon Games, Round One” complete version

Product Description
: See the entire long version movie.  The made for TV movie is 60 minutes.  This 2-1/2 hour version includes all footage of every day’s events, including bloopers.

The Marathon Games promotes Marathon and The Florida Keys, all it has to offer, its local businesses, and local residents who make up Marathon and The Florida Keys.

This is a perfect gift for local residents and vacationers alike.  It features many people and businesses we all know.

Price: $20.00
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Product Name: The Marathon Games Frisbee

Product Description
: When right side up, it’s a Frisbee – turn it upside down, and it’s a plate which can be eaten off of!

Price: $3.50
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