Branding, Marketing, Promoting in The Florida Keys

Marathon Florida TV88 is in the business of making our residents and vacationers to The Florida Keys feel good about being here.

We produce promotional videos, design websites, create flyers, organize fundraising events, and help others in our community promote events organized by them – and we target all that we do to those who live in, do business in, or vacation in The Florida Keys.

You are one of a thousand or so people who will be landing on this page today.  You didn’t get here by searching through our website,  You were one of a thousand or so people who were redirected to this one specific page by us. . . . from one of many different possible ways.

Now that we’ve got you – take some time and search through this website for places, people and businesses you want to learn more about.  It’s all about The Florida Keys.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy searching around.

By the way –
If you own or manage a Florida Keys business or non-government organization, and you’d like to promote it. . .
. . . you’ve come to the right place.


Use the creative minds of the Marathon Florida TV production crew, and get yourself some powerful marketing and positive product recognition targeted to your demographics in The Florida Keys – using television, internet, and social media.

Puruse through this website ~ Watch TV88 streaming live below ~ Go to our testimonials page, and call someone on there who you know. 

If you’d like to set your business above the rest – with powerful Branding, Marketing & Promotions,
Then give a call to (305) 587-9830, or send an email to


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