Diving & Snorkeling in The Upper Florida Keys

A Complete List of Snorkel, Scuba, Snuba, and Dive Shops throughout The Upper Keys of The Florida Keys

Key Largo
Island Ventures
Quiescence Diving Services
Snorkeling by Sundiver

Captain Slate’s Scuba Adventures

A Family Fun Boat Tour Company
Allergic to Land Charters
Easy Adventures
Key Dives
Seamonkeys Watersports

Videos of Snorkel, Scuba, Snuba and Diving related businesses in The Upper Keys of The Florida Keys.


Key Largo is called the Dive Capital of the World. Navigational charts show that the coral reef chain is well developed from Elliott Key to just north of Key Largo for nearly 7 miles to the southern border of Key Largo. The chain of reefs begins again in the Atlantic off Big Pine Key to the south beyond Key West. Between these areas the reefs are not as large or well developed due to the geographical features of the keys and passes between.

The most famous dive spot off Key Largo is Key Largo Dry Rocks which is off John Pennekamp State Park, home to the Christ of the Deep statue.

Grecian Rocks, French Reef, White Bank Dry Rocks, Sand Island, Molasses Reef, Three sisters & Wolf Reef, Pickles Reef & Snapper Ledge, Conch Reef, Davis Reef, Hens & Chickens, Crocker Reef, Cheeca Rocks, and Alligator Reef are all beautiful dives with varying fishes and corals dependent on the depth.

The San Pedro, The Eagle, the USCG’s Bibb & Duane, the Benwood Wreck, and the Spiegel Grove are all sunken vessels at varying depths.

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