CLASSIFIEDS – Help Wanted for TV88

This is the Help Wanted / Classified page for TV88

Do you like operating a camera?

Are you someone we see at events with either a mobile device, Go Pro, or other similar device taking video?

If so, we want to talk with you.

We would like to give you a User Name and Password so that you can upload your Florida Keys videos on to your listing page on

Go to the Search bar on the header of this website, and see if you have a Listing Page, and if not, get one – and start uploading your videos.

Why should you post videos on to your  Listing Page?
1. Your videos will get seen by a large audience of viewers with interest in The Florida Keys.
2. Posting your videos on is FREE.
3. We can assist you with editing so that your videos look the best.
4. We will promote your Listing Page.
5. Build your video production company, and get hired by local businesses who see your work on
(Get your start here at like other creative videographers in The Keys have done!!!)

What are you waiting for?

If you like video production, and you’d like your work to be viewed on one of the most widely viewed information websites in The Florida Keys – talk to us about uploading videos on to your listing page, and getting those videos seen by the
Marathon Florida . com TV88 viewing audience.

Want to learn more?    CONTACT US

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