Branding your company in The Florida Keys

*When someone hears your name, what is the first thought in their head?


*When they see you, what is the first thing they think?

*When a prospective buyer is looking to purchase a product or service which you sell, do they know you? – and if they do, will you get contacted?

Those are questions you ask yourself when you are looking to brand or re-brand your company.

This is important because how you are branded has a direct impact on the amount of sales that you get.


Do  yourself  a  favor
Talk with 5 of your current or past customers, and ask them what they think of when they hear your name.


However, you probably have a different brand with each of the 5 that you’ve asked.

If you are looking to sit down and discuss your business branding with a branding professional who lives and does business in The Keys, make contact with –
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