“Beating the Bus”

a movie about the first 40 years of the 7 Mile Bridge Run

The story is about -

1) The winners - the ones you see every year at the front of the pack,

2) The runners who run to beat their times or to reach other personal goals,

3) Those who run the race to finish before the Bridge is reopened to vehicle traffic, and

4) The hundreds of sponsors and volunteers it takes to put this annual event on.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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“Beat the bus” is an instant classic! Hottest movie of the summer! It’s heart warming, and entertaining. There should’ve been some footage of Livengood refusing to get on the aforementioned bus. But she alluded to it…. Bravo y’all.
Steve Cook, Councilmember City of Marathon

I’ve watched “Beat The Bus’ 2 more times: Frieda Bluebell at Publix and a rooster runs by = priceless!
Managers at Illa Bella are terrific!
I love my segment.
You made me look great! Such a good job
Bettye Bateman Chaplin

Keys Last Stand

This is great!!!
April Ross

Very nicely done, awesome.
The 7 mile bridge run inspires people to get in shape and or encourages them with a goal.
My parents enjoyed helping out with it. My dad always claimed he was the first one at the finish line…. He was volunteering and helping/greeting
Great job.
Thanks for sharing.
Christian Seckinger

Superb job! I'll sent it on to my European family members and friends as they all have heard a bout it.
Riet Steinmetz

This was fun to see! I wish I was in Marathon in April because I would volunteer to be a spotter on the bridge.
KCB and Marathon are special places.
Thanks for sharing!
Phyllis Fritz

What a great job you did on this. Meri-Lynn and I loved every minute of it. We saw so many people that we know and Miss Freida Bluebell was fantastic… really a cute story. Thanks so much for including us. It was a great Honor to be among so many wonderful “Pioneers” of this Marathon Bridge Run!! Blessings, Joe
Joe Britz

Fabulous job
Jerry Chapman

Thank you so much
Janet and Russ Oechsle

You don't want to be picked up on that Bus! That is cool....
Paul Blalock

Great job telling some marvelous stories
Mike Bailey

Thanks – looks great!
Justin Nels

Fantastic job!
thank you for letting me be part of it
Terry Cassidy

Great Job
Joe Moore, US1 Radio

That was Great – Thanks for all you do for the City of Marathon. Awesome Job
Coach Paul Davis

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