Advertise at the Marathon Cinema


Price List and Order Form
a one-hour preshow to all featured Marathon Cinema movies.

If you sell a Product or Service in Marathon & the Surrounding Florida Keys
The Marathon Florida Show is the best place to put your advertising dollars
dollar for advertising dollar’ 

Want proof?  Go to the Cinema and check it out for yourself!

Your commercials will play 3 times during the one-hour pre-show
(6pm-7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday)
(1pm -2pm Saturday and Sunday Matinees)

 Order Form:

[ ] $200 to play a 15 second commercial for one month 

[  ] $350 to play a 30 second commercial (or two 15’s) for one month 

[  ] $500 to play a 60 second commercial (or two 30’s) for one month 

[  ] (- $______) one month waived when 6 months is paid in advance 

[  ] $250 to produce either a 15, 30, or 60 second commercial with one or two cameras at one location. 

[  ] $________ for extra pre-discussed video & editing requirements 

$ _________ Total Dollar Amount for ____ month(s).

Advertiser’s Name ___________________________________________________

Contact _______________ Phone __________ Email _______________________

TV88 Contact _______________________________________________________

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