Broadcast Live on Florida Keys Television TV88, only in The Florida Keys

TV 88 Florida Keys Television     Broadcasting live is not as complicated as one might think.  There is a cost involved in purchasing equipment that will be needed, but we can easily walk the process through with anyone wishing to broadcast live events  –  with people in all levels or no level of experience!

We at Florida Keys Television are a team of highly creative video producers who spent the last year developing a platform as a place where we can now store and playback the thousands of videos produced by us so far, and the thousands more we look forward to producing, highlighting the fabulous Florida Keys.

While building our Home Channel TV88, we also programmed the ability to offer up to another 100,000 television channels without it costing anything more.

So it has been decided to give a free television channel to anyone with videos of The Florida Keys – meaning that everyone in The Keys now has a place to upload and store their videos for playing back without any advertising on them.

. . . and there should never be any cost to having a channel on Florida Keys Television unless the channel operator wishes to broadcast events as they happen – in Live feed.

At no charge at all, anyone can now upload video content taken from The Keys to their new channel using their own User Name and Password.

Our highly skilled and creative team will gladly assist anyone interested in:

1) On demand sharing of their videos,
2) Streaming their videos on their own website, or
3) Live broadcasting.

Contact the Florida Keys Television ‘Traffic Dept’ in a message sent to  and let us get you in the right path.

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