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Broadcasting The Upper Keys, Middle Keys, and Lower Keys of TheFlorida Keys

Welcome to Marathon, Florida & The surrounding Florida Keys

Marathon Florida . com

Marathon, Florida is home to Marathon Florida TV and MarathonFlorida.com

Marathon Florida TV broadcasts TV 88 on Comcast Channel 88
in The Florida Keys 24/7, and

MarathonFlorida.com highlights locally produced videos, utilizing local videographers, local editors, and local talent.

Sometime very soon this summer, our new studio in Marathon, Florida should be ready for us to start broadcasting “LIVE” hourly segments from various locations throughout “The Florida Keys”.  So stay tuned !!!

Marathon Florida . com is where you find our local businesses, organizations, associations; and it even includes many local residents & public officials who have made a positive difference to our community, in the box below is where TV88 can be viewed.  Otherwise it is available on  Comcast Channel 88 throughout the Keys, and on Roku, Apple TV, Google TV, and TikiLive around the world.




“Shows produced, videoed & edited by Marathon Florida TV currently playing on Comcast Channel 88

local movies created and produced by us



* We are not a non-profit *
We help promote our local non-profits.

* We are not a real estate company *
We help promote our local ones.

* We do not operate fishing charters *
We help promote our local fishing charter captains.

* We do not operate diving & snorkeling boats *
We help promote our local diving & snorkeling boats

* We do not operate any local attractions *
We help promote our local ones.

* We do not operate any restaurants or bars *
We help promote our local ones.

* We do not own a retail store *
We help promote our local retail store owners.

* We are not owned by one organization or association *
We help promote all our local ones.

* We do NOT represent one select group *

We are here for everyone who lives in, does business in, and vacations in

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