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Marathon, Florida is home to Florida Keys Television FloridaKeysTelevision and this on Line, Business Directory of The Florida Keys is a Business Directory of all of The Florida Keys throughout Monroe County from Key Largo to Key West, with thousands of Listings of local businesses, organizations, governments, schools, churches, public officials, involved citizens & non-profits. . . and it also includes listings of Events put on by them.
Each Listing includes addresses, phone numbers, social media and website links, and a description of who they are.

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Florida Keys Television
is comprised of Marathon Florida TV, Islamorada Television, Key Largo Television, and Lower Keys Television – all for the purpose of providing video coverage of our communities which is entertaining, educational and enlightening for all who live in, do business in, or vacation in the Fabulous Florida Keys.


* We are not a real estate company *
We help promote our local ones.
* We do not operate fishing charters *
We help promote our local fishing charter captains.
* We do not operate diving & snorkeling boats *
We help promote our local diving & snorkeling boats
* We do not operate any local attractions *
We help promote our local ones.
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We help promote our local ones.
* We do not own a retail store *
We help promote our local retail store owners.
* We are not owned by one organization or association *
We help promote all our local ones.* We do NOT represent one select group *
We are here for everyone who lives in, does business in, or vacations inMARATHON, FLORIDA & THE SURROUNDING FLORIDA KEYS.
This Business Directory of The Florida Keys has been created by, copywritten by, and Powered by Marathon Florida . com (305) 587-9830
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